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Founder & Program Directors

Maggie madden


I am excited to begin my 11th year as a classroom teacher in NYC public schools. I graduated with honors from UC Berkeley with a degree in Social Welfare, a minor in African American Studies, and an emphasis in Education. I began my teaching career here in NYC schools over a decade ago through the Teach for America program. I earned a Masters in Early Childhood Education from Lehman College and have taught both lower and upper elementary grades. Therefore, I have a wealth of experience working with a variety of subjects and grades. I am proud to be a founding teacher at my current school in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  There I designed the 2nd grade curriculum and have become well versed in adapting curricula to fit the varying needs and learning styles of all students. Additionally, as a teacher, I have worked extensively with gifted students and am skilled in extending my instruction to challenge above grade level students.

Throughout me teaching career, I have worked as a private tutor for students ages 4 through 12. I support my students in all subject areas and also provide test prep (ISEE, ERB, Gifted & Talented). I relish the opportunity to work individually with students and create a learning plan tailor-made to each of their needs, learning styles, and interests. Over my eleven year teaching career, I have had the opportunity to develop a comprehensive “toolbox” of strategies and scaffolds that I am able to use responsively to cater my tutoring to the needs of each learner. Creating critical thinkers who are able to look thoughtfully at the work they do, and by extension, at the world around them, is at the heart of what I do.  Beyond that, I also work strategically to help build the confidence of students because I firmly believe that a strong belief in one’s ability to learn is at the heart of every child’s success.

Above all else, I believe in the power and importance of connecting children’s learning to real world experiences.   Throughout my teaching career, I have seen that when children have the opportunity to interact firsthand with concepts they have been studying, their learning is brought to new heights.  I love connecting with the children of this amazing city and working with them as a teacher, tutor, and tour guide in order to connect them to different topics and ideas that continually fuel their love of learning and passion for discovery.

Jaclyn Rosenberg

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I have been teaching for the NYC Department of Education since 2010. I graduated from Indiana University in 2009 with a degree in Elementary Education. I hold a masters in Teaching English as a Second Language from Hunter College and have completed continued education courses in literacy from Columbia’s Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. Currently, I work with English language learners and students with disabilities in second and third grade classes in South Brooklyn. My years spent working with a wide range of learners with different needs has given me the opportunity to differentiate curricula and scaffold lessons in order to make learning accessible for all students. I am also working as a Model Teacher for the NYC DOE through a program that enlists highly skilled teachers to expand their reach beyond the classroom, allowing me to improve the instructional practices of other teachers at my school.

In addition, over the last decade, I have worked as a private tutor for children ages 2 through grade 8 in Tribeca, the West Village and the Upper East Side. Through my one-on-one sessions, I focus specifically on the needs of the individual child and provide students with the tools and understanding needed to reach their individual goals in a variety of subjects, including test prep. I have worked consistently with the same students over the course of five years and have been able to see how the work we have done together has enabled them to advance through reading levels, evolve from emerging writers to essay writers, and grow from below grade level mathematicians to strategic problem solvers who reason logically and solve problems multiple ways. I quickly saw the benefits of teaching in this setting, through improved confidence and academic growth of each child I worked with.

My passion for supporting all learners in a constructive and personalized setting led me to develop City Kid Tutors. The great wealth of experience our tutors have from being in the classroom everyday allows us to best support students across the city who are experiencing frustration with their work or are in need of a new approach to their learning.  Maggie and I are deeply committed to providing NYC students with great tutors who love supporting students and helping them their full potential as much as we do!