Hear What People are Saying About City Kid Explorers!

“Both of my kids absolutely LOVE City Kid Explorers. We have participated in many camps in the city, as well as in the countryside, and this consistently ranks as their favorite. I’m always impressed that Maggie and Jaclyn can make what is essentially an educational outing feel like play.”

                                                       -Rana, parent

“My daughter has had a wonderful experience at City Kid Explorer over the past three years. It is so much more than your average camp. Jackie and Maggie expose the kids to so many wonderful NYC museums, parks and neighborhoods. The kids all learn so much about art, history and culture and have a great time doing it!”

                                        -Sheila, parent

“What an enriching experience! My twins loved the Brooklyn outings and Restaurant Week. As they were often among the youngest in the group, they loved “hanging with the big kids”. The entire experience—from the commute, to daily excursions to new destinations, to crafting their own reviews and field notes—has been experiential learning at its best. Plus they had a ton of FUN!”

                                     -Debbie, parent

“As parents, we saw how much our child grew, learned, and had fun the past couple of summers! Noam created wonderful artwork, and spent time in all the best parks and neighborhoods of Manhattan. Thank you for the great care you took of him!”

                                   -Simona, Parent

"I wish we could go back to the beginning and do it all over again!"

                                     -Luna, City Kid Explorer

"Priceless moments!  Thanks so much for the best week ever!"

          -Murqueeda, parent

"Today was the best day EVER!”

                                        -SOPHIE, City Kid Explorer

"I love learning this way!"

-Chloe, City Kid Explorer

"Léa loved the Statue of Liberty trip. She presented in her 4th grade class all that she learned. Great experience."

                            -Randall, parent