Hear What People are Saying About City Kid Tutors!

"This is an awesome program for kids.... My daughter was in Maggie Madden's class last year and she is the most amazing educator..... She challenges kids to reach their fullest potential and is not afraid to take learning outside the classroom! I would love to encourage all my friends with kids to take advantage of this spectacular, learning experience!!!"

                                                       -Murqueeda, parent


"Jaclyn, our daughter’s NY State math score certainly reflects the work you did with her and we sincerely appreciate it!"

                                                                                                                                                                          -randall, Parent


"I accompanied my two kids on numerous field trips over their collective two years in Maggie Madden's class. Maggie made every trip incredibly educational and entertaining for the children; she expertly guided them and always had interesting facts and exciting stories at the ready. Maggie really knows her stuff and makes hands-on learning so much fun for kids!"

                                     -Kym, parent

"Ben was thrilled with the two of you.  You were both warm and welcoming.  He loves art, so the guidebook was good for him"

                                        -Susie, parent

"My favorite thing about today was starting our day getting to know each other!"

                                     -Avery, City Kid Explorer

"Today was the best day ever!"

                                   -Sophie, City Kid Explorer

"I wish we could go back to the beginning and do it all over again!"

                                        -Luna, City Kid Explorer

"Priceless moments!  Thanks so much for the best week ever!"

          -Murqueeda, parent

"Léa loved the Statue of Liberty trip. She presented in her 4th grade class today all that she learned. Great experience."

                            -Randall, parent

"I love learning this way!"

-Chloe, City Kid Explorer