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Here at City Kid Tutors, we believe that in order to best support our students, our tutors must deeply understand the work our young learners are doing in their classrooms. Therefore, we work exclusively with top teachers from NYC public schools who themselves have taught the curricula used in schools around the city. As a result, our tutors have the training, skills, and lived experience to differentiate their instruction to meet the individual needs of each child they tutor. Who better to work with your child than an NYC teacher who is living and breathing this material everyday with their own students?!

With class sizes in NYC classrooms being so large, our sessions provide an invaluable opportunity for students to get the targeted help that they need to make growth towards their individual goals in a supportive setting, where our teachers can give actionable feedback instantaneously. Our City Kid Tutors are dedicated to enhancing students’ strengths, improving their areas of need, and building their confidence and perseverance. We believe in creating a friendly, comfortable environment that fosters a love of learning within each child. 


During our initial consultation, one of our program directors will administer a diagnostic assessment to assess your child’s academic performance, as well as collect all the necessary data on your child’s academic performance. We will provide you with a full written report from the session that outlines your child’s academic performance and observed behaviors/work habits.

Our tutors have been selected from a competitive pool of classroom teachers and specialists. We match your child with the tutor that is the ideal fit for them based on our tutors’ experience, expertise and personality.

During each session, our tutors guide students through a rigorous schedule of work to ensure growth towards the students’ selected goals. Tutors will provide you with oral and written feedback, as well as with strategies of how you can best support their child at home.

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 Speech | Occupational Therapy | Organization & Time Management | Motivation and Confidence