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CKE Tutoring provides students ages 4-12 with an individualized instruction tailored to fit and meet the needs of the child. All of our teachers hold a Masters in Education and have 5+ years of classroom teaching experience. City Kid tutors have received degrees from top universities, including Columbia, Harvard, and UC Berkeley.

During our initial visit to your home, one of our program directors will administer a diagnostic assessment to collect all the necessary data on your child’s academic performance. We will provide you with a full written report from the session.

Then, we will select from a competitive pool of tutors to work with your child based on their experience, expertise and personality, to guarantee the ideal match between tutor and student.

During each session, our tutors will guide students through a rigorous schedule of work to ensure growth towards the student’s selected goals. Based on the package you choose, you may receive a monthly or quarterly report from the tutor updating you on your child’s progress. Tutors will provide parents with in person feedback following the session and provide strategies for you to best support your child at home.


Reading - Phonics/Vocabulary

Writing - Math - Test Prep

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