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Learn. Play. Build Friendships.


Calling all city kid explorers!

Give your child an unforgettable experience exploring the richly diverse city in their own backyard! Join us as we splatter paint on canvases like Jackson Pollock at the Guggenheim! All aboard the ships of South Street Seaport to learn about Henry Hudson’s fateful discovery of our fair city! Accompany us on a nature walk and bird hunt through Central Park! Jump into a pizza making class led by a world renowned master, followed by a neighborhood walk through Little Italy! This is just a sampling of some of the hands-on activities your child will participate in with our travel day camp. Our unique program balances education and exploration and is designed and run by professional NYC teachers!

"If school was like this, I'd want to do it year round!"
                                               - Bella, City Kid Explorer




Who We Are.

The idea for City Kid Explorers came from two teachers who have worked together in the NYC public school system since 2008. Jaclyn and Maggie quickly bonded over their love of teaching. They also share a love of traveling and have visited over six countries together. Jaclyn and Maggie have combined these passions to offer children a way to explore the city and learn together in a hands on, stimulating way!


The buzz about us!

"If you do one awesome thing for your child all year, this is it.  Months worth of education packed into an amazing adventure that will leave an impression on your child for a lifetime."

- Val, parent